Who We Are

Founded in response to the severe challenges impacting Olympic and Paralympic athlete communities nationwide, the US Athletes Hopeful Emergency Fund (USAHEF) provides short-term financial assistance to U.S. athletes facing significant financial hardship with an initial focus on those impacted by COVID-19.

It feels like we have a wall we can’t go through. . . .It’s like I’m a massage therapist with broken arms. . . . I just can’t do my job right now because I can’t afford to have them fixed.

- Olympic athlete who recently spoke on condition of anonymity

Our Mission

The Fund stands for three things: Helping those in need; people who have worked hard asking for what they need with transparency and authenticity and without shame; fostering a respectful, inclusive, and unified community.

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Why Help Olympic Athletes

USAHEF provides aid to America’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes during this difficult time, allowing athletes to shift how they prepare for the postponed Tokyo 2021 Games. For most athletes, competing isn’t about the money. It’s about pushing the limits of their bodies and spirits — the same things that enthrall viewers every Olympic Games and continues to inspire hopefuls to train for the next Olympics.

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Reach Out To Us

USAHEF grant specialists want to help. For questions, please email USAthletesHopefulEmergencyFund@gmail.com Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.